Nashville Software School Cohort 41

Come see us demo on Nov. 6th, 2020!

Our Instruction Team:

Thank you for showing us the way and helping us build up the skills we need to embark on our journeys into software development.

Brenda, thank you for starting this journey with us. We cannot think of anyone better to have taught us front-end or shown us how to be responsible developers all while keeping us motivated with terrible jokes.

Andy, thank you for showing us C# is the one true programming language, for your patience, teaching us about time zones--Universal Standard is the only way, and that it is never wrong to try to break our code.

Our Junior Instructors:

Rose, thank you for being our accordion playing, ghost story telling, hype woman. You are the lighthouse who could always help us find our way back if we got lost. There are 10,000 more things we should thank you for but we’re tearing up writing this. Just know we love you.

Audrey, Sage, Madi, Mo, and Spencer! Thank you for being a source of knowledge, an extra set of eyes, and a person to celebrate our wins with. We are so grateful for all of your help.

A special thank you to both Steve and Adam for coming in when we needed you and teaching us.

To Everyone at NSS:

Thank you for inviting us into your space and providing us a place that has changed every one of our lives. You pivoted so quickly to keep things safe for us while still creating a space we could learn.

Ashley and Kristin, thank you for everything. Thank you for your advice, for coordinating all of our wonderful talks, for showing us how to network, and for turning us into professionals who are prepared for our future in software development.

To Our Friends and Family:

Thank you for all of the love and support not only at the start of this journey, but always.

A huge shoutout to the four-legged critters who showed up to zoom parties and made everything better.